Have a Common Question Or Deciding On A First Time Equipment Purchase?

Please take a look at our more frequently asked questions.

A. We can offer a diagnosis of your forklift and provide a loaner forklift. If you decide to purchase, the diagnosis will be at no charge.

A. Yes. We can help you to get your equipment transported anywhere from across town to across the country.

A. No. The DMV does not control ownership of a forklift. A Bill of Sale is what is offered industry wide.

A. The most common type is propane. Electric, gasoline, and diesel are also available.

A. Forklifts are available in 2,000-105,000 pound capacities. 3,000-6,000 are the most common capacities sold

A. Absolutely. This is why propane gas forklifts were developed.

A. We highly recommend pneumatic tire forklifts for all terrains outside of a warehouse.

A. Electric forklifts are much more quiet than internal combustion units and have zero emissions. However they need an overnight charge typically and maintaining battery life is critical or can be costly.

A. Propane forklifts require less weekly maintenance and when the tank is empty, another one can be changed out in under 5 minutes.